There Is A Free Cannabis Picnic In Sydney This Sunday, At 4:20

This Sunday at 4:20 Free Cannabis NSW are hosting a picnic/mass smoke up in Sydney’s Victoria Park in protest of prohibition of the drug/mind opening sacrament.

Following a similar “peaceful act of disobedience” on April 20th this year which saw a bunch of people get together and blaze up in front of an army of cops, Sunday’s event promises to be bigger than ever.

On top of the mass smoke up in support of legalisation, the picnic will feature live music from bands including The Shrews, Ted Addic & Mates, King Colour, Son Of Ra, The Murray Greys and Jah Tung, as well as comedy from Darren Hunter and Steve Stonerson.

Newtown’s stoner café D’Munchies will have of course have a marquee to service any cravings of participants. Meanwhile soon to launch Australian stoner media outlet will be using the day as their soft launch, although I’m not sure if too many people will be in a sit down and read an article kind of headspace.

And before you get your hopes up, no. There will be no free cannabis.

Their admittedly kinda confusing name aside (I mean dealing with stoners you’d think you’d want to avoid confusion right), FCNSW are committed to full scale legalisation of cannabis in New South Wales, and you can find out more about them here.

Meanwhile for more info on Sunday check out the Facebook event here.

free cannabis picnic

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