There’s A Campaign To Vote For A.B. Original’s ‘January 26’ In The Hottest 100 As A Protest

A few months ago, after strong opposition triple j decided to stick with airing the Hottest 100 on Australia Day but voters are planning to protest that by voting A.B. Original‘s January 26 to the top of the countdown.

The track, by Briggs and Trials’ joint project, protests the date of Australia Day, recognising it as a day of mourning for Indigenous people.

“I said celebrate the heretic anytime outside Jan. 26 (anytime)/That’s the date for them suckers doing that sucker shit (that’s true!)/That’s that land taking, flag waving attitude,” Trials literally raps in the track which has become a staple on the triple j airwaves.

Now, a Facebook event is gaining traction, asking listeners to vote for the song as a way of showing the station that people want the date of the countdown to change (and also the date of Australia Day).

“Earlier this year, triple j finally listened to the thousands of voices calling for respect and had a review into the date they hold the Hottest 100 countdown,” the event says.

“Unfortunately, they decided the whining of a noisy minority of racists on the internet was more important than showing a bit of empathy towards Australia’s first peoples and left the celebration on that day, perpetuating division and hurt.”

The event acknowledges that many young people have stopped having Australia Day parties because, “‘celebrating’ invasion, dispossession and genocide is what is commonly called a Major Dick Move,” but people still celebrate the countdown because it’s on that day.

“We have the ability to send a message to triple j,” the event further says in regard to voting for A.B. Original.

“Let’s end the division and change the date.”

It’s also a great song which will certainly help its cause as well.

UPDATE 22/12/16: The creators of the campaign to vote for A.B. Original’s ‘January 26’ in the Hottest 100 have said they don’t think they’ll be disqualified like Taylor Swift was in 2014.

Watch: A.B. Original – ‘January 26’

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