There’s A New Comic Book Coming Out About Who Killed Kurt Cobain

The worlds of grunge rock, comic books and whodunnits are about to collide in a brand new graphic novel which attempts to solve the mystery surrounding Kurt Cobain‘s death.

Is it in poor taste? Not according to a sizeable hunk of Nirvana fans who still reckon that the singer was murdered, 20+ years after police first ruled his death a suicide.

Award-winning artist Nicolas Otero has written and illustrated the comic, dubbed Who Killed Kurt Cobain?, which is based on the French novel Le Roman de Boddah by Heloise Guay de Bellissen.

The adaptation will explore popular conspiracy theories surrounding Cobain’s death through a fictionalised retelling of his life, and the twist is that it’s narrated by his childhood imaginary friend, Boddah.

Nicolas Otero spoke about his motivation to tell the story in such a bizarre way in a statement to publishers IDW, saying:

“When Kurt put an end to his life in 1994, I remember hearing the name of Boddah for the first time. I thought it could be a fantastic way to tell Kurt’s story, with Boddah as the narrator. Twenty years later, my hair is not long nor dirty, I’m the father of three wonderful kids, and life has given me such a great gift. I can finally draw this little voice and explore what I imagined Kurt’s mind and life were inside. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as I enjoyed doing it. I’m 17 again today.”

The announcement comes not long after Seattle police released crime scene photos of the weapon that the grunge icon used to kill himself.

The case surrounding his death was reviewed by Seattle PD in 2014, but closed again soon after with investigators deeming that there was no new evidence to challenge their original conclusion of suicide.

Riding the wave of Cobain fever that resurged last year following the release of the excellent documentary Montage Of Heck, another less acclaimed Kurt-themed doco dubbed Soaked In Bleach, which made a case for the popular conspiracy theory that Courtney Love killed Kurt, also hit cinemas.

The new graphic novel Who Killed Kurt Cobain? will land in book stores this October.


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