There’s A Sublime Rave Remix Of The ‘Totally Wild’ Theme And It’s Suitably Totally Wild

Some true blue genius has remixed the Totally Wild theme to satisfy your daily dose of ’90s nostalgia.

Any kid who grew up in the ’90s should will instantly recognise the theme of the Channel 10 children’s show celebrating Aussie flora and fauna and now it’s been given a rave-heavy update, combining two ’90s past times.

Expertly the remix has been combined with actual rave footage from the ’90s, depicting ravers in their natural habitat dancing like it’s 1997 (the footage is actually taken from 1997).

It’s been created by Coach Bombay, a Melbourne producer who has already done a great service to the country by making us a new national anthem to the tune of Outkast’s Hey Ya.

“Remember how hectic the ‘Totally Wild’ theme song was? This rave remix takes it to its logical conclusion,” he wrote on the video.

The remix is totally wild, the video is totally wild, the whole concept is totally wild and quite frankly, it’s the best thing you’re going to see all day.

You can watch the remix and the original below. Hopefully if there’s ever a reboot of the show they will opt for this remix as the official theme tune. Or maybe it’s a bit much for children’s day time viewing?

Watch: Totally Wild Rave Remix

Watch: Totally Wild Original Theme Song

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