This Idiot Dad Got A One Direction Tattoo To Win A Comp, Was Disqualified The Whole Time

If you ever wanted a story that preaches the importance of reading the fine print, it’s this one, with a super eager Dad attempting to score some points with his One Direction-obsessed daughter by getting a 1D themed tattoo in order to win a comp and score some VIP tickets to an upcoming arena scream-off gig.

Unforch for the the dud Dad however, he hadn’t read the finer details on the competition stating that in order to win entrants had to be official residents of Tennessee, of which this genius is decidedly not.


Roger Fraser was attempting to one up other Dads (also wondering how they let their lives get to this point), in the competition run by Indiana radio station 99.5 WZPL, who were calling for dads to dress up like members of the boy band.

“Aha!”, thought Fraser, in a moment of epiphanic joy. “I’ll go one step further and get a One Direction tattoo and totally miss the entire point of this competition!”

It wasn’t until after the keen bean had gotten an ‘I heart 1D’ tattoo that he discovered the rule, disqualifying him, after which he probably sat in his private time chair and drank nine Budweisers.

Fraser and his daughter ultimately attended the One Direction concert together but with regular pleb tickets instead of VIP meet-and-greet ones which daughter Makayla reportedly will never forgive him for, because he is just the WORST.

Get a load of this lifelong reminder of being a deadshit and always read the terms and conditions:

tattoo full

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