This Is Nowhere Festival 2012 – First Lineup Announcement

A new festival has been announced for Perth this year. The This is Nowhere festival is a new initiative with the intentions of “seeing the doors of sonic perception in our fair city burst wide open by way of a shiny new music event”. Taking place in October, the festival is to be held at The University of Western Australia.

The boutique festival is becoming a very popular trend lately, and Harvest festival seeming to be a total success, maybe it’s the right market to get into now. It appears as though the lineup selection of This is Nowhere is similar to that of Harvest as well. Today we have been given the first glimpse of the bill, which was forewarned as a selection of “subterranean sounds of artists from home and from afar”.

The event will be headlined by the likes of Tortoise, who will be playing Australia for the first time in 12 years; Xiu Xiu; Grails; and Beach Fossils. There will also be a selection of DJs and buskers at the event. Culture and the environment will play key roles in the festival, with the website boasting a day that will give punters the chance to “feast your ears on tasty tunes in a clearing beneath a canopy of pines where the light only dapples, in a theatre where the audience is one with the acts on the stage, and in a courtyard full of giant manmade mushrooms”.

It will be a strictly 18+ event with plenty of bathrooms, food and booze.

Check out the initial lineup announcement below.

This is Nowhere

Sunday 14th October, Midday – 10pm

Somerville Auditorium, Dolphin Theatre and Lawrence Jackson Court

University of Western Australia

1st lineup Announce

Tenniscoats – NEW

Holy Sons – NEW


Xiu Xiu


Beach Fossils

The Bank Holidays


Puro Instinct

High Tea

Mayor Dadi

Chris Cobilis

Somer Love DJs:

Adam Trainer

Claude Mono

Andrew Sinclair

Inglorious Buskers:

Rachael Dease

David Craft

Alex Griffin

Andrew Ewing

Peter Bibby

Amber Fresh

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