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This New Crowdfunded Festival Will ONLY Play Santana and Rob Thomas’ ‘Smooth’

A new Kickstarter campaign is hoping to do the world a favour by crowdfunding a music festival called SMOOTHcon, which will FINALLY give Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas’ 1999 smash hit Smooth the attention it truly deserves. It’s all a joke, of course, but what a joke it is.

The dream-weaver behind the SMOOTHcon idea, Matthew M. Sullivan, is hoping to raise $200,000 to hold an event in New York which would see Smooth played through PA speakers “on repeat for the duration of the event”.

“Santana feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 put the step in our groove,” the Kickstarter’s description reads. “Let’s return the emotion. Let’s make it real.”

SMOOTHcon is also hoping for “possible appearances by Carlos Santana of Santana and/or Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 (pending negotiations with Carlos Santana of Santana and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20’s booking managers)”.

If that doesn’t happen, orgnanisers will settle for “Hologram Santana feat. hologram Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 (pending negotiations with Carlos Santana of Santana and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20’s hologram booking managers)”.

SMOOTHcon’s food vendors will, of course, only sell the “smoothest foods” (we’re talking smoothies, mashed potatoes, sorbet and a variety of puree), while hardcore Smooth fans, who Mr Sullivan calls “Smoothalos”, will finally get a chance to meet up IRL.

Here are the other magnificent things the Smoothalos want for their first-ever annual (yes, annual) SMOOTHcon:

  • A theatrical screening of the Smooth music video
  • Smooth official music video-style dancing
  • TV screens looping the Smooth music video in all restrooms
  • Smooth-themed cosplay
  • Vendors to sell smooth objects and Smooth memorabilia
  • Slideshows of Smooth Facebook page member-submitted content
  • Smooth karaoke
  • Smooth Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band competitions
  • Smooth afterparty featuring Smooth drinks

If like us you’re dying to pledge your support for SMOOTHcon after reading that list, go ahead and visit the SMOOTHcon Kickstarter page to do just that. The festival has already raised over $600 at the time of writing, and Santana’s pretty excited.

santana smooth gif 2

Oh and while you’re at it, check out the Facebook group dedicated to celebrating the ongoing legacy of Smooth.

Until SMOOTHcon 2016, stay Smooth.

Watch: Santana – Smooth ft. Rob Thomas

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