This Paul Kelly Parody Twitter Account Loves Gravy Something Sick

UPDATE 21/12/16: It’s the 21st of December again, so it’s time to relive the magic of Paul Kelly @itsthegravyman, who has today posted another tweet about just how excited his at this time of year.

ORIGINAL STORY: As someone who ran a failed Twitter parody account for the girl who opened the door on episodes of The Voice Australia, I know all too well the trials and tribulations of finding that sweet niche of LOLs needed to sustain a fake persona in 140 characters at a time.

Well consider the Twitter parody account trophy well and truly claimed, with this Paul Kelly account that is utterly obsessed with gravy, taking inspiration from Kelly’s classic How To Make Gravy track.

Check out some of our favourite gravy-related tweets in the gallery below. Some real good shit.

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