This Rapper Made An Album In An Apple Store After His Own Computer Crashed

It sounds impossible, but a US rapper by the name of Prince Harvey has spent four months recording his new album in an Apple Store after his own computer crashed and died.

As The Daily Beast reports, Prince Harvey recorded his album — which is titled PHATASS, standing for “Prince Harvey at the Apple Store: SoHo” — after his computer stopped functioning and he lost most of his equipment.

“It wasn’t my plan to record this at the Apple Store,” Prince Harvey says. “First, my computer died. Then my external [hard drive] died. New York is expensive. I couldn’t just buy another laptop. I just thought, ‘I’m going to die before anyone knows I’m hot.’”

So how did Prince Harvey manage to avoid the Apple Store’s many employees and security checks as much as possible? He befriended two helpful Apple Store workers, and managed to hide his files in the trash to avoid daily memory wipes which are performed on computers in the store.

After working five days a week for 16 weeks, Prince Harvey had finished the album without using any instruments or studio equipment. Instead, he sung his vocals directly into computers, and even had a few guest vocalists join him in the studio store.

“I don’t think I’m poor. Poor is a mentality. I mean, I can be broke — no money in my pocket — but I’ve never been poor. I’ve been rich my whole life,” he says.

“But I do want money. I want to tour. I want to perform for different people. Shit, I’ll go to Antarctica for the penguins if they’re feeling it.”

Catch the first two singles to be released from PHATASS, titled Sometimes and The New Black, below. The album will be released on 26th July, and there’s no word yet if Apple are going to ask for a cut of Prince Harvey’s profits.

Watch: Prince Harvey – Sometimes

Listen: Prince Harvey – The New Black

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