This Video Of Daniel Radcliffe Rapping Eminem’s ‘The Real Slim Shady’ Scores All The Points For Gryffindor

The Chosen One didn’t choose the thug life.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has accio’d himself some street cred by busting out a flawless rendition of the vintage Eminem rap The Real Slim Shady during a karaoke session with his boo, Erin Darke (whom shall henceforth be referred to as The Darke Lord).

A video, recently uploaded to the YouTubes, shows the Boi Wizard spitting rhymes like a basilisk, proving that he’s more fly than a Nimbus 2000.

It’s not the first time H-Piddy has showcased his impressive hip-hop credentials either. You may remember his on-point rendition of Blackalicious’ tongue-twisting Alphabet Aerobics last year on Fallon.

During that appearance, the bad-boy wizard also outed himself as a huge Eminem fan. We’re talking Hagrid proportions.


And now we finally have evidence of that fandom in action. Check out the footage below of Daniel Radcliffe busting a cap in karaoke’s Azkaban.

Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Singing The Real Slim Shady

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