Tired Lion Put Mental Illness Awareness At The Forefront Of Their New Song ‘Agoraphobia’

Aussie band Tired Lion have debuted a new song Agoraphobia and they’ve used their platform to address mental illness.

They premiered the song, their first since Not My Friends, on triple j telling host Linda Marigliano that it’s named after the irrational fear of open or public spaces, striving to bring awareness to it.

“It’s something that people do experience and whether they talk about it or not is actually quite normal,” frontwoman Sophie Hopes said, further explaining that each of the band have had experiences with mental illness.

Hope further spoke about her own experiences with mental illness saying, “I remember when I was going through it I really thought there was something wrong with em and you really try and be something that you’re not at the time and the only way to fix the problem is to go, ‘Okay col, so that’s a thing that I’ve got and I just need to work with it in my own way’ and realise how to tackle it rather than just giving up on yourself.”

It comes complete with a raucous video that shows fans coming into a house party gig and getting a little bit rowdy.

Apparently it was just as crazy as it looks too with a number of people coming away from it with chipped teeth and bruised eyes.

“I got my hair pulled out pretty hard and I was left with a couple of bruises, but it was all to make a good video,” Hope said about the experience.

Tired Lion have a big few months ahead of them. They’re supporting Violent Soho on a national tour and will also play Falls Festival.

Watch: Tired Lion – ‘Agoraphobia’

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