Tom Delonge Says He Could Walk Back Into Blink-182 If He Wanted To

Despite all signs over the past year or so pointing to the contrary, ex Blink-182 member Tom Delonge is of the firm belief that he’d be able to rejoin the band at the drop of a hat.

Delonge, who quit the band in 2016 to pursue his several personal projects including writing a book about the existence of aliens, is certain that it would be super easy for him to rejoin the band.

Speaking with the San Diego Union Tribune, he denied that he “walked away from the band.” He also claimed to be in regular talks to work out when he will inevitably return to Blink-182. “Blink is in my DNA,” he said. “I talk to Travis quite a bit and we try and figure out how and when it’s going to make sense.”

Delonge also refused to admit that Matt Skiba had indefinitely replaced him in the band. “They have someone doing my job for me,” he said. “It’s just that I’m so busy. If I wanted to, I could be back in a period of days.”

Whether he’s on speaking terms with Travis is up for debate, but as of May last hear Mark Hoppus revealed he hadn’t spoken to Delong for “a year and a half”.

Regardless of what he thinks, it still remains doubtful that the mercurial guitarist will return to Blink anytime soon. Last month Delonge announced that he was writing another book about UFOs, and in the Tribune interview he claimed that the forthcoming book is “way bigger than (anything) i had with the band.”

Listen: Blink-182 – ‘Aliens Exist’


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