Tom Delonge Speaks On New Blink 182 – “It’s Odd For Me, Too”

Moments after the release of Blink 182’s new single and the subsequent album announcement, former member Tom Delonge has taken to Facebook to comment on the subject, assuring fans of the Blink 182 legacy that this is weird even for the founding member.

Further adding to the ‘Highschool playground drama’ feel of the whole thing, Delonge states: “We DO have a future together if we want it, but for now we are busy doing separate things.” This echoes previous comments throughout the saga detailing Delonge’s hectic co-curricular schedule including, but not limited to, his passion project Angels & Airwaves, whose latest EP gets a sly plug in the post.

Delonge, who met with both his former pals recently, explains that it was when he was working on his cautiously-received solo project that he got his first “early opinion of where we could possibly take Blink for the next album” but it seems his band mates weren’t sold, and Delonge wasn’t willing to compromise:

“We are different people after different things. For one, I think partnering with a song-writer on the Blink album (John Feldmann – 5 Seconds of Summer, Good Charlotte) was too far a change, but something they desired, and that in itself may be an indicator of some of our current artistic differences that are difficult to overcome.”

“I am a forward thinking artist, and sometimes that leads me down a different and far-reaching path,” he adds further down.

Despite all this, Delonge remains hopefully that the three amigos will once again occupy the same studio/stage, “I look forward to my upcoming film and music adventures, and a hell of a lot more…

….Maybe throw in a bit of Blink 182, if we can build back that “special something” that was once there.”

Blink 182’s new album California drops Friday, July 1 – the 182nd day of the year. So far we’ve heard lead single Bored To Death and follow up Built This Pool.

You can read the full post below.

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