Tom Delonge Talks Blink-182 And Beyond In Trailer For New Documentary

Tom Delonge has shared the trailer to The Pursuit Of Tone — Tom Delonge, a documentary which focuses on, you guessed it — Tom Delonge and his musical experiences.

Judging by the trailer for the documentary, which is being put together by guitar products company Ernie Ball, The Pursuit Of Tone — Tom Delonge will be all encompassing, touching on Angels & Airwaves, as well as Delonge’s novels, films and the elephant in the room, Blink-182.

Even the most fair-weathered of Blink-182 fans are going to get sweaty palms from this one. The trailer (below) kicks off with a shortened version of how Blink actually started, with Delonge saying, “There was a sound, that I wanted to go for that was nursery rhymes on steroids. Loud and fast, but still nursery rhymes.

“I was hanging out with this girl and this girl says, ‘Hey, my brother plays bass.’ He came over with a bass guitar and I said, ‘Here’s a riff I had. It’s like catchy and intricate, but simple,’ and he starts pounding away on the bass. The music just worked.”

The Pursuit Of Tone — Tom Delonge will touch on Blink’s rapid rise to fame, as well Delonge’s realisation that he wasn’t restricted from exploring musically. “That realisation was like a nuclear bomb,” he says.

We’ve known that Delonge has been diligently chipping away at a documentary project, having confirmed as much during one of several public interactions with former bandmate Travis Barker. However, this doesn’t seem to be The Sekret Machines Documentary that’s supposedly being made in cahoots with the United States Department of Defense in order to expose the truth of extra-terrestrial life.

So unless Blink-182 is the government code name for three intergalactic humanoids disguised on Earth as icons of naughties youth culture (and they needed Ernie Ball to fund the documentary), The Pursuit Of Tone — Tom Delonge isn’t anything too weird.

Catch the film’s trailer, below.

Watch: Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone – Tom DeLonge (Trailer)

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