Tom Morello Represent the Occupy Movement at SXSW

Tom Morello will be lending his Nightwatchman services to South by Southwest in a coordinated effort to further bolster the Occupy Movement, which began September 17, 2011 on Wall Street.

According the to the good people at Loud Wire, Morello explained to Rolling Stone his desire to serve the 99%.

“I thought it was important that at a music gathering of that size, to have a place where the rebels, revolutionaries, rockers, rappers and the 99 percent could gather and have a mighty SXSW throw down.”

“With all things Occupy, it is a democratic process… I basically said ‘What do y’all want to do, how can I best serve?’ and so they made a wish list of things and I was able to say yes to, ironically, about 99 percent of them.”

One of the requests that Morello has approved is a proposed flash mob dance party, which will arrive at the venue ahead of supporting act Wayne Karmer and friends (representing Jail Guitar Doors; a not for profit organisation that aims to being musical instruments into jails)

“Their intention (the Occupy Movement) is to have this flash mob dance party that’s going to arrive at the venue… Due to the fact that it’s an official SXSW show, a lot of the space inside is reserved for badge holders, but there will certainly be a healthy Occupy presence in the venue, and also a contingent outside the venue. I promise you, they will all be served musically.”

Tom Morello’s The Nightwatchman will be playing with his band the Freedom Fighter Orchestra at the Swan Dive in Austin, Texas, Friday March 16, 2012

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