Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee Posts Full Blown Dick Pic On Insta, Sends Internet Into Meltdown

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has sent the entire world an unsolicited dick pic.

The career shock rocker uploaded a full blown nude to Instagram earlier tonight, alongside the caption “Oooooppppsss”


The pic in question was online for a, uh, girthy few hours before it was finally removed by Instagram’s powers that be. But the damage was well and truly done.

The internet is still reeling from the stunt, with reactions ranging from amused to impressed, outraged and downright disgusted.

Here’s a handful from Twitter:

The move, while shocking, isn’t exactly surprising. Tommy Lee’s penis is basically as famous as the man himself. The recent Hulu biopic about he and ex-wife Pamela Anderson’s ill-fated marriage, Pam & Tommy, which recounted the pair’s infamous sex-tape, even features a conversation between Tommy and his world-famous schlong.

But the big question that many people are asking is why Insta allowed the X-rated pic to stay up and exponentially gain traction for more than three hours, when images featuring women’s nipples are scrubbed off the platform almost immediately.

At the time of writing, Instagram has yet to issue a statement. We’ll keep you updated with any further developments.

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