Tones And I Shares New Single ‘Fly Away’

Tones and I has delivered the goods for your Friday in the form of a new banger. ‘Fly Away’ is a more poppy sound for the artist, with this new hook-packed track.

The song is juxtaposed by the lyrics. Sonically, it’s this arena-fitting track with a solid beat. Lyrically, Tones and I unpacks mental health struggles and her journey to where she is now.

“No one know how low I was feeling / Always get to reach for it all / Knowing I was here for a reason / But I was scared that if I a try, I’d fall,” she sings.

Tones and I says the track is all about, “Chasing your dreams, reaching your goals and the realities that comes with it.”

“Being a busker, I obviously had bigger dreams. However, this song is inspired by the way I thought I would feel versus the way I actually feel. I think that’s very powerful, at least to me,” she said in a press release.

“It’s about genuine happiness and what we think we need to have happiness versus what we actually want. The truth is we only ever want anything because we think it will make us happy, but it’s never that simple.”

‘Fly Away’ follows up ‘Ur So F*cInG cOoL’, ‘Bad Child’, and ‘Can’t Be Happy All The Time’ — all released this year. However ‘Fly Away’ is the only single from this year slated to appear on Tones’ forthcoming debut album.

Listen to ‘Fly Away’ below and catch the video’s premiere along with a teaser.

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