Tool Drummer Recounts Hedonistic Early Days With Ministry’s Al Jourgensen

Ministry’s main man Al Jourgensen’s authorised biography has now hit shelves, and has drawn comparisons to tales of excess from noted excessive Ozzy Osborne. A recurring participant in Jourgensen’s adventures is Tool drummer Danny Carey, who was happy to discuss tales from his youth in a recent interview.

One such story Carey addressed was an incident in which Jourgensen managed to get one particular member of Tool, prior to them becoming international heavyweights, to trip on acid after he gave the band a bottle of Bushmills laced with LSD. The problem is, no one from Tool seems to remember this story, but they can’t totally rule it out either.

God, that’s funny, man. That’s like ’91 or ’92, probably. I think maybe that was Paul, our old bass player. I know it wasn’t Adam and I know it wasn’t Maynard and I don’t remember it. Maybe it was me, that’s why I don’t remember. [Laughs] That does sound familiar to me, man.

As the story goes, Tool then returned the favour to Al, who thought some acid he bought from the band years later was lousy, so he took more. As it turns out it was the most potent batch he had ever experienced, and things were once again even. Carey says, “I think I remember Paul thinking about it as a payback or something. [Laughs] That does kind of ring a bell. That’s a lot of water under the bridge.”

Carey was even happy to share some of his own memories of Jourgensen that may not have made the book:

My most memorable thing about being backstage with those guys [Ministry]; I think we were sitting at a bar the first time I saw Al. He had a straw running through someone’s dick [Prince Albert piercing]. He was taking a drink out of the straw as it was going through this other guy’s dick while he was kneeling on the bar. I was like, “What the fuck is this guy doing? It was quite a spectacle.”

Meanwhile, no further updates on that Tool album we’re never going to see.

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