Tool Plan To Record New Album June Or July

Tool drummer Danny Carey has revealed in an interview that the band will start recording the long-anticipated follow-up to their 2006 album 10,000 Days in June or July this year.

Speaking to Vic Firth he reveals the plans to get in the studio and start recording, detailing the band’s songwriting process, especially his own involvement in being the rhythmic leader.

“We all just get in there and grind ’em out, you know? Sometimes if I come up with a beat the guys will come up with a riff to that, Justin [Chancellor, bass] has really been prolific on this record. He’s been coming in with tons of riffs. I usually try to find something to complement it rather than play what he’s playing.”

Singer Maynard James Keenan revealed late last year that the band were in the process of writing new material, explaining he’s allowing space for him to do his thing, and for the rest of the band to write their math rock compositions.

Tool were out in Australia for Big Day Out 2011 last, but fans will be sad to hear that touring will be shorter for this album: he said, “Physically, I can’t do it, so that’s not gonna happen. We will tour, but it won’t be the old school dog and pony show of eight months of beating yourself to death.”

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