Tool Reportedly Have Two Albums Of New Material, But Hate Most Of It

Whoever said that meet & greet sessions were awkward and pointless? Following a performance in Salt Lake City, Tool have reportedly provided fans with a meet & greet experience they’ll be talking about for some time, given that they appear to have divulged a whole lot of tidbits regarding their long-awaited new album.

Off the back of members requesting that questions about the album stop, it seems they couldn’t shut up about it during the meet & greet. One fan has taken to Reddit to list all the album talk that supposedly went down, and while there’s still no release date, there are some things that will give even the sternest of Tool fans sweaty palms.

According to said fan, Tool guitarist Adam Jones performed a riff from one one of the new songs. On top of that, he supposedly revealed that the band about two albums worth of new material on their hands, however, of that, only about five tracks meet their standards.

Most of the band (bar frontman Maynard James Keenan) have reportedly been hitting the studio religiously from Tuesday to Thursday from about “1PM-4PMish”, which is a little short of the band’s earlier estimate. Before you accuse Maynard of dragging the chain, Jones also explained that the band’s vocalist won’t begin writing until 90 per cent of the instrumentals are complete.

Word is that fans who purchase the VIP meet & greet packages will receive a different experience in each city. So, hopefully by the end of the band’s current run of shows we can piece together something that resembles an actual album announcement. Until then, we might have to experience all the latest Tool happenings via the fans who purchase those VIP packages.

I guess you could say we’ll be experiencing it… vicariously.

Listen: Tool – ‘Vicarious’

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