Tool Say Their “Wonderful” New Album Is “Coming Together”

Tool have 20 potential new song ideas and one “amazing” new track which clocks in at almost 14 minutes, according to guitarist Adam Jones.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Jones confirmed that the band are embarking on a US tour with Primus to take a “little break” from the hard work that they’ve recently been putting in, writing their fifth LP.

But he also acknowledged that the group’s highly anticipated, still-in-the-works album is “going well” and described their studio sessions so far as “wonderful”.

“Things are really flowing and going really well, and I’m just blown away at the stuff that’s coming together,” he reported.

“I’m excited and can’t wait for it to be done. It’s something I’ve been missing for a long time [laughs], that beautiful collaboration that we have because we’re all so different and have different tastes. But again, when you are all meeting in the middle and that thing you do that meets in the middle is just beautiful, it’s very rewarding. So yes, I’m very happy.”

While the disc is still a fair ways off being completed, Jones reckons Tool have got 20 potential song ideas good to go, and Maynard James Keenan has even started writing some lyrics.

“Of course, 20 won’t be on the record,” he explained. “We’re just jamming. But I’ll tell you, there’s nothing better than having too many good songs then not enough. It’s great. You pick your faves.”

During a Halloween show in Tempe, Arizona last month, Tool debuted an instrumental track called Descending, which Jones has now confirmed was a shortened version of an “amazing” new song that clocks in between 13 and 14 minutes.

“The main part’s the best part, I think, but we just don’t want to give that away yet,” he said. “We’re just doing a little taste test all the way through and put it together. I’m glad the response has been really good.”

While there’s still no exact timetable for the album’s release, Jones reckons they’re hoping it’ll happen sometime in 2016, so the band can start touring again straight after.

*cough* Australia please *cough*.

Watch: Tool – Descending (Live Halloween 2015)

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