Train Announce Led Zeppelin Cover Album, World Cringes A Little

The band behind 2011’s over-saturated Hey Soul Sister have announced plans to release a Led Zeppelin tribute album, Train Does Led Zeppelin II. Because despite the amount of people that would be involved in the Kill Chain for such a decision from a band the size of Train, no one seemed to say it would be a bad idea.

It appears the band took the “Because we can” road rather than the “Because we should” option. When explaining the logic behind the move. A statement from frontman Pat Monahan reads:

“Our favorite band is Led Zeppelin, and they made a huge impression on our lives musically..So I thought, why don’t we record one of their albums, just for the fun of it for our fans. The hard part was deciding which one … I would love it if people get a dose of what’s hiding underneath Train’s songs, our influences, but we basically did this for the fun of it.”

Credit where credit’s due, the band are doing it in the name of Family House, a charity families of children with cancer. But as Mashable point out, surely it would have been more viable to ask to ask the fans for money to not release such an album. The internet seems to agree with that assessment.

And no, there is no stopping it. The album is already up for pre-sale and the first single is officially released. The aptly named What Is And What Should Never Be. We picked up a few responses from said internet, as it appears very few people have a Whole Lotta Love for this.

LISTEN: Train – What Is and What Should Never Be (Led Zeppelin cover)

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