Trent Reznor Credits Radiohead For His Switch Back To A Major Label

Seeing stacks of Radiohead CDs in a record store but none from Nine Inch Nails was the catalyst for Trent Reznor to rejoin a major label.

Reznor has been releasing music to fans largely on the internet in recent years; however, he’s decided to sign with Columbia Records to release the first EP from his new project How To Destroy Angels in November.

He left his old label – Universal – in 2007 as he felt that the company was overpricing his albums.

NME reports that Reznor told Talking Heads frontman David Byrne in Los Angeles last night that never seeing his music in record shops was getting him down.

“We’re playing in Prague, but I see flyers up for Radiohead, who are playing the same place we’re playing, six months from then. Then I walk into the record shop, and there isn’t a section that says Nine Inch Nails.”

Despite feeling like he’s lost a level of control, Reznor believes being with a major label is worth the increased exposure around the globe.

“To have a team of people who are better at that [marketing] than I am, worldwide … that felt like it was worth slicing the pie up monetarily,” he said, adding, “So far it’s been pleasantly pleasant”.

How To Destroy Angels’ debut EP – An Omen – is out November 13.

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