Trent Reznor Says New Music “Maybe This Fall”

Nine Inch Nails caporegime Trent Reznor has revealed in a new interview with Rolling Stone that he may release new music as early as this year, to be released “while touring.” Nine Inch Nails released their eighth studio album, Hesitation Marks, back in August to rave critical acclaim.

“We’re leaving to go to tour mid-to-late February, in Australia with Queens [of the Stone Age]. We’ve got dates booked through the end of the summer. A lot of touring ahead. Just started on a new product. Can’t tell you what it is yet. It will take place while touring,” said Reznor.

“New music maybe this fall. Every spare second, and even seconds that aren’t spare, are trying to wrangle this new creation into shape,” the Academy Award winning musician told Rolling Stone. When asked to reveal more about this new project, Reznor replied, “That’s more than I should’ve.”

Earlier this week Reznor announced via Twitter that he and creative partner Atticus Ross would return to film scoring, once again working with The Social Network director David Fincher, on his upcoming adaptation of Gillian Flynn‘s Gone Girl, set to star Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

Reznor recently performed with NIN, QOTSA, Dave Grohl, and Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham to close out the 2014 Grammy Awards. Reznor took his anger with Grammy organisers to Twitter, after the show’s sponsors and credits began playing during the performance.

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