Trent Reznor & Tony Hawk Unite To Geek Out About Depeche Mode

This year, Depeche Mode are allowing a fan to take over their Facebook page each day and this week, pro skater Tony Hawk was tapped to take over the page.

As well as sharing his own memories of the band, Hawk reached out to Trent Reznor to contribute and it basically turned out to be one long walk down memory lane for the two guys.

“Without DM & NIN, I would have been lost in a sea of confusing electronica / industrial music during my formative years,” Hawk said in a Facebook post adding, “Trent sent me this email this morning, and it further deepened our connection.”

They both share the same favourite Depeche Mode album Black Celebration and Reznor penned a dedication to album for the band’s Facebook page.

“The Black Celebration record took my love for them to a new level,” he wrote, reminiscing about a concert in 1986.

“I’ve thought about that night a lot over the years. It was a perfect summer night and I was in exactly the right place I was supposed to be. The music, the energy, the audience, the connection… it was spiritual and truly magic.”

You can read the full Facebook post below.

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