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Image for Trey Songz Charged With Misdemeanor Assault After Throwing Wad Of Cash At Woman

Trey Songz Charged With Misdemeanor Assault After Throwing Wad Of Cash At Woman

Written by Mike Hohnen on December 17, 2012

Though the incident happened back in August, it has only now been made public that hip hop identity Trey Songz has been charged following an aggressive display in a strip club. His weapon of choice? A wad of cash.

The Music Network have reported that the incident took place at good ol’ Club Perfection in Queens, New York. How it goes is that 26-year-old Donna McIntosh-Inoe and her husband visited the club, paying $700 for a seat in the VIP section, where Songz would also be spectating. As anyone would in that sitch, McIntosh-Inoe tried to take a sneaky pic of the celeb, but Songz was not having a bar of it.

I guess he didn’t want someone finding out that he had been at a strip club, as the dude quickly tried to grab the phone and delete the picture, which he allegedly effed up somehow, and in a panicked response, threw a wad of singles at the woman.

The victim was apparently left with a black eye for around a week, proving just how hard he threw the cash. It took a month for Songz to be charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment offenses. “It was insulting that he just threw something,” says McIntosh-Inoe of the incident to The Daily News, adding, “He was verbally disrespectful as well. He embarrassed me in front of everyone in the club.”

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