Triple J, Double J & Unearthed Just Shared Some Hilarious Banter On Facebook

triple j‘s web extends far and wide, but its closest connections are with its digital radio stations Double J and triple j Unearthed. However, it turns out there’s a rather complicated relationship between the trio.

Unearthed is throwing a little party in Melbourne on the weekend to celebrate 10 years of existence, with performances by Allday, Northeast Party House and heaps more.

To make sure its triple j buddy was all ready to party on the weekend, Unearthed has thrown triple j a Facebook post to ask if it is bringing cake.

“I just need to know soon because my mum is going to the shops and if she gets a cake and you get a cake that would be really probably too much cake and i really don’t want ANY cake drama at my birthday party,” the super-cute Unearthed wrote.

Here’s the super-awks part, though. Apparently triple j and Double J used to have “a thing”, and they’re both invited to this Unearthed party. Unearthed is understandably a little worried about the pair bumping into each other, and so it should be, judging by the banter that followed its post to triple j.

“Regardless of what has happened in the past between Double J and I: we’re both very proud of you and love you very, very much,” triple j wrote, adding that they had to leave the event by 8, which Double J saw as a chance to one-up them.

“I’ve cancelled all other prior engagements for this. That’s how important you are to me,” Double J wrote to Unearthed, to which triple j replied saying, “Classic you. Swooping in to ‘save the day’.”

triple j then managed to offend Unearthed by saying they were leaving at 8 to get Unearthed a cake, spoiling the surprise so Unearthed didn’t have a “tantrum” and then, oh God, they were all fighting.

“I don’t know what you mean by tantrums but i think my feelings are a bit hurt,” Unearthed wrote back, and that’s where it’s all hanging right now.

Days out from the big celebration, the classic triple j web is in tatters. Just like a cliffhanger end to The OC, this drama could really go either way right now.

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Secretly, we’re really hoping all this drama can be put behind them for the party, because we’ve kinda got a crush on Unearthed and want it to have a good party. And that might be the first and only time we admit to a crush for a digital radio station.

Stay together for the kids, guys.

Catch triple j, Double J and triple j Unearthed‘s banter, below.

triple j banter

triple j convo

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