Triple J Have Crunched The Numbers: Here Are The Biggest Like A Versions Of 2019

No matter what you’re into musically, you can’t deny that 2019 has been one helluva year for Like a Version. The beautiful thing about Like a Version is that there’s no key formula.

Some of the best Like a Versions have been covers of older, timeless hits while others have been freshies. Some of the best LAVs see the artist cross into a brand new genre, but some of them see the artists ‘stay in their lane’ as it were.

In that spirit, it’s interesting to note which LAVs had made the biggest impact this past year. To do so, triple j have crunched the numbers, collating the views from their website, Facebook page, and Youtube to find the most-watched covers from 2019.

Here we go.

1. Denzel Curry – ‘Bulls On Parade’ (Rage Against The Machine)

Is anyone surprised? Sometimes you don’t realise how good a Like a Version is on the first listen… but it was immediately clear from Curry’s first “come with it now” that this one would be HUGE. How huge? Four millions views bigger than #2 on this list.

2. Yungblud & Halsey – ‘I Will Follow You Into The Dark’ (Death Cab For Cutie)

2019 was absolutely massive for emo and this LAV definitely leant a hand to the movement. In the midst of rumours of Yungblud and Halsey dating, they paired up for the most loved up duet we’ve likely ever seen in Like a Version history.

3. Jorja Smith – ‘Killing Me Softly’ (Roberta Flack/The Fugees)

Jorja Smith has taken out third place with her absolutely stunning rendition of ‘Killing Me Softly’. Not a bad effort for her Like a Version debut.

4. Childish Gambino – ‘Lost In You’ (Chris Gaines)

Remember when Childish Gambino headlined Splendour? Remember the special mid-week Like a Version we got? Gambino’s 2015 ‘So Into You’ LAV is the most-watched ever. So, he had to back it up — and he did. We got this soulful cover of ‘Lost In You’.

5. Cub Sport – ‘When The Party’s Over’ (Billie Eilish)

This was wild. Australia’s dreamiest vocalist, Tim Nelson of Cub Sport performing the United States’ dreamiest vocalist, Billie Eilish. They took on her incredible ‘When The Party’s Over’. The gentle piano, the vocal harmonies… amazing.

6. Little Simz – ‘Feel Good Inc.’ (Gorillaz)

This was such a bloody fun one. Little Simz took on the Gorillaz and proved to everyone that ‘Feel Good Inc.’ is just as bloody good with minimalistic instrumentals. Little Simz subbed her own lines into the track and her unique delivery put a really cool twist on the original.

7. Aurora – ‘Across The Universe’ (The Beatles)

Norwegian artist, Aurora’s take on ‘Across The Universe’ was so stunning and full of these subtle, pretty layers and harmonies. It was just the perfect amount of weird and cute.

8. Hilltop Hoods – ‘Can’t Stop’ (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Remember when Hilltop Hoods managed to work Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ into a cover of ‘Can’t Stop’ by the Chili Peppers? Wild. They took a full-on, live band into the studio with them too, it was special.

9. Allday & The Veronicas – ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ (Joni Mitchell)

A month before Allday took The Veronicas on stage at Splendour for a special rendition of ‘Untouched’, he took them along for Like a Version. Together, they covered ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, where Allday updated the lyrics to better fit the current climate concerns. Also, “Might need my head checked, might need McAfee/I grew up on some poison, they called it McHappy”, is possibly the best line to come out of Like a Version this year.

10. Alex Lahey – ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ (My Chemical Romance)

Like we said, emo this year? Huuuuge. Alex Lahey played the high risk, high reward game when she was handed the Like a Version reigns. Not only did she get praised by THE Gerard Way for the bloody insane performance, she also inspired a My Chemical Romance reunion (we’re pretty sure anyway) — MASSIVE.

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