These Are The Finalists Of Triple J Unearthed’s Play School Theme Remix Competition

While the rocket clock is counting down until the winner of triple j Unearthed’s amazing Play School Theme Song Remix competition is announced, the top five finalists have just been released, with entrants putting forward a mix of different interpretations on the classic children’s show opening

play school

The competition is of course in celebration of the iconic show’s 50th anniversary, and saw over 600 submissions. With the team over at Unearthed having weeded through all of them over the past week (can you imagine? I mean how many times can you listen to the bass drop under ‘there’s a bear in there’ before you want to scream), here are the creme de la creme for your listening pleasure.


First up is Copycatt, who despite the name offers a very fresh take on the theme. Starting out low key before blooming and ballooning out into a jam best described as ‘epic’, the Brissy teenager shows a sensibility beyond their years on this remix.


Sydney trio Froyo took the song in a different direction however, opening up the arrangement and slapping a thick coat of pop over everything.

Jondrette Den

Taking a sparkle heavy jazzy turn this time, Jondrette Den’s remix is full of rich harmony, fleshing out the opening theme with some lush instrumentation.


What remix competition would be complete without a trap remix? Certainly not this one, as Melbourne’s Killjoy proves.


Hailing from Christmas Island, Oppy got real festive on his remix, taking things out of Play School and into tha cluuuurb. Sweaty, dirty and high energy I would love to see this replace the actual theme song. I mean I don’t have kids, why do I care if yours are hyper AF?

The winner will be announced next Thursday on Breakfast with Matt & Alex.

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