Triple J’s ‘Christmas Number 1’ Lives Up To Name, Tops iTunes Chart

The triple j charity single Christmas Number 1 has today lived up to its ambitious name, reaching top spot on the iTunes singles charts. The tune features an all-star cast of artists led by chief songwriter and triple j Drive presenter The Doctor (aka Lindsay Mcdougall), with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Just yesterday the track was sitting at a respectable number 24 on the charts but today breezed past John Legend‘s All Of Me and shot to first place with help from a relentless marketing campaign by The Doctor himself. He told Music Feeds it feels “lovely” to see a tune he’s penned for charity sitting victorious atop the charts.

“I’d say mostly coz of all the sweet charity dime going to Red Cross, but it’s also cool to be rubbing shoulders with such popular and credible musicians like 1D and RedFoo,” McDougall says. “I think people liked seeing it top all the big pop stars, the ones who spent millions and had 14 or so writers. You could see it overtake them in real time, it’s pretty exciting!”

And The Doctor says he plans on keeping it in the top spot. When asked if he has any tactics up his sleeve for holding on to that top ranking, he revealed a cunning strategy. “DOWNLOAD IT NOW! GIFT IT TO YOUR FRIENDS! YELLING!” he enthused.

The song, which is a cheeky take on the cliched Christmas single, features lyrics directly appealing to the Australian public to make this song a number one hit. “We don’t need anymore dubstep, or guest vocalists in rap songs,” sing the all-star cast. “The one thing you can do is to make our dream comes true / here in the sun, we’re the Christmas number one.

Big-name Australian musicians loaned their talents to the triple j team for the number 1 hit, such as Phil Jamieson from Grinspoon, Elizabeth Rose, Thomas Rawle from Papa vs Pretty, Bertie Blackman, Tuka and Jeswon from Thundamentals, Joyride, Abbe May, Andy Bull, Laurence Pike from PVT and Touch Sensitive.

Added to those are the finest in ABC talent, with the iconic B1 & B2 from Bananas in Pyjamas, the charismatic Dr Karl and triple j presenters Tom & Alex, Linda Marigliano, Nina Las Vegas, Dom Alessio, and Tom Tilley joining the ranks.

If all the stars align, The Doctor hasn’t ruled out taking Christmas Number 1 on the road for a National Christmas Sweater Tour across the country. “Absolutely,” he joked. “We’re already in talks to be added to the Big Day Out line up. If Beady Eye, Deftones or The Hives pull out we’ll jump up there and play this, on repeat, for an hour.”

Christmas Number 1 can be downloaded from iTunes for $2.19 throughout December. If you’re not an Apple fan, you can make your own donation to the Red Cross via their website.

Check out the all-star cast in action below. There’s also some behind-the-scenes action on the Doctor’s blog.

Watch: Triple J’s All-Star Cast – Christmas Number 1

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