Triple J’s Matt Okine Has Dropped A Legit Rap Track

Matt Okine is known best as a comedian and half of triple j‘s breakfast show but it turns out he’s got another talent – rapping.

When you hear rap track and Okine, you’re first thought is probably it’s bound to be a joke and that’s justified given he dropped a comedy track Doin’ Numbers with triple j co-host Alex Dyson last year.

But, it’s not a joke, it’s legit and really not bad at all.

It’s called Fade (Nothing At All) and it’s produced by Allday’s early producer C1 Beats. It’s a smooth Aussie hip-hop track with a melodic hook and a laid-back flow.

He’s going under the name of Boilermakers and really doesn’t care if you go into listening to it thinking it’s a joke.

“I’ve always held back a bit because of the “comedy” thing,” he said to PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“People aren’t gonna expect much, and I’m cool with that because this is the first time I’ve taken it seriously too.”

It’s apparently the start of an EP that he’s in the process of putting together.

So there you go, it might not be long before Okine’s introducing his own cuts on triple j.

Listen: Boilermakers – Fade (Nothing At All)

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