Triple M Hits Out At “Elitist” Triple J

Triple M chief Mike Fitzpatrick has criticised rival station Triple J in a statement celebrating the launch of the rock network’s new digital outlet, Triple M Modern Rock Digital. In the statement, the station boss took jabs at the youth broadcaster for its “elitist” attitude and allegedly trend-chasing playlist selection.

“Cut Triple M open and we bleed rock music,” says Fitzpatrick in a statement on the Triple M site. “It’s a beautiful, ever-evolving art form created by the hands of musical craftsmen and women. The evolution of rock is such that we’ve built a place where the new sounds and varied styles of the genre can live.”

“Unlike our Taxpayer-funded ‘youth network’, Triple M Modern Rock Digital isn’t elitist,” the network head continues. “We don’t care about ‘cool’ music or ‘on trend right now’ styles. If it’s a great song, we’ll play it. Whether it’s created in a garage by four blokes on instruments or a woman with an acoustic sitting on a bed, Triple M Modern Rock is their new home on Digital Radio.”

Fitzpatrick’s comments recall the controversy that erupted back in January, after Fairfax Media published a report on Triple J’s music selection. The report featured interviews with several artists who changed their sound in order to fit the allegedly rigid Triple J mould, for fear of not receiving airplay otherwise.

Triple J station manager Chris Scaddan was critical of the report, insisting that while he understands the frustration that results from certain bands not receiving high rotation, the station must make “editorial decisions” to ensure quality broadcasting and that station staff are transparent about those decisions.

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