Triple M To Boycott Nickelback’s New Single – If They Get 1000 ‘Likes’

Nickelback haters rejoice – Triple M Sydney are just over 500 likes away from boycotting the band’s latest single. reports that Triple M’s Sydney HQ are turning on the band who love your pants around your feet – declaring not to play their new single if they receive 1000 likes on the following status, posted by Program Director Jamie Angel:

“So we’ve just taken delivery of the new Nickelback single… Here’s what’ll happen, if we get 1000 LIKES, we won’t play it. SIMPLE. So do what you have to do, SHARE and tell your mates. 1000 LIKES and we won’t touch it.”

Something tells us quite a few members of the Triple M Music Jury have sent a message loud and clear to the station’s bosses to stop playing the band’s songs.

And, Triple M have assured listeners in the post’s comments that they’ll stick by their word and totally boycott the song if they reach the target.

At the time of writing, just over 400 people had liked the status. Click here to add your support – or if you are a Nickelback fan, rally up the troops and try to stop the like-fest from keeping the song out of the playlist.

Even if Nickelback’s new track gets abandoned, they’ll still have a nice pay cheque waiting for them at the end of their Australian tour in November. The band will play all the major capital cities, and have added second shows in Melbourne and Sydney. For all the details click here.

UPDATE: 10pm – The 1000 mark has been well and truly smashed – in about 7 hours, 1,036 people have ‘liked’ the status.  Better get back to requesting Lullaby instead, Nickelback fans.

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