Trophy Eyes Say They’ll Play Festivals They “Don’t Normally Play” This Summer

It’s a very good time to be a Trophy Eyes fan. Not only have the Newcastle rockers dropping their new album The American Dream into our laps today ahead of their biggest Australian headlining tour to date this October, it sounds like we’ll be seeing a lot of the lads this summer festival season.

Speaking with Music Feeds, frontman John Floreani confirmed the band “definitely” have some Aussie festivals booked in over the warmer months, outside of the ones we’d normally expect.

“I can’t really name them right now. We’ll be playing festivals that we don’t normally play as well, that a band like us wouldn’t normally play,” he said.

“So you can see us kind of everywhere, hopefully.”


Falls Festival? Field Day? Laneway?!

For the record, Floreani didn’t say the band wouldn’t also be playing festivals where we would normally expect to see them, e.g. UNIFY Gathering, the organisers of whom have been dropping a LOT of lineup teasers ahead of their lineup announcement on Thursday, 9th August.

Guess we’ll just have to wait til then to find out for sure!

Meanwhile, Floreani also told us Trophy Eyes would be stepping up their live show for their big headlining album tour this October.

“There’s gonna be a lot more production, a lot more stagey stuff like lights — aw man, I don’t know how much I’m allowed to give away. I’m in the office right next to my manager right now, he’d probably shoot me [if I said too much],” he said.

“We might have some fireworks or something crazy like that, maybe pyro, I don’t know. We’re really going to try to make it something spectacular. I think because this next record is so theatrical we really want to kind of bring out something truly theatrical.

“I want you to feel like you’re at a show and you’re kind of like living through this giant American middle class normal man’s life story, you know what I mean? I want it to feel like that. I want it to feel like you’re watching a movie that was written by Bruce Springsteen.”

The American Dream is out today, and you can catch Music Feedsfull review of the album right here. Stand by for our full interview with John Floreani, coming soon.

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