Turns Out Dave Grohl Once Appeared In ‘The X-Files’

The X-Files is back on TV and, frankly, we’re loving it up here at Music Feeds. And it looks likes we’re not the only musos who go mad for a bit of Mulder and Scully.

It turns out that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is so much of a fan that he once made a cameo appearance on the show. On this day 20 years ago, Grohl appeared fleetingly in an episode called ‘Pusher’, in which Mulder and Scully were hunting down a man wreaking havoc with subliminal mind control.

Chatting to Rolling Stone recently, Gillian Anderson (aka Scully) described Grohl as “a big fan of the show”, going on to say: “He came to the set for one episode as an extra. He did a cameo; a drive-by. If you blink, you miss him.”

Grohl appears in the X-Files scene (below) for only a couple of seconds with his then-wife, Jennifer Youngblood. That’s right, he’s just the guy walking through the hall wearing a green puffer.

In the same year, X-Files composer Mark Snow included the Foo Fighters’ cover of Gary Numan’s Down In The Park on his Songs in the Key of X: Music From and Inspired by the X-Files compilation. Two years later, Grohl and the Foo Fighters were back in the studio for The X-Files, this time re-recording their own track Walking With You for The X-Files: The Album, which was released with the 1998 X-Files movie.

Grohl has publicly professed his obsession with The X-Files on more than one occasion. On the BBC’s The One Show back in 2014, he talked to Anderson directly about his super-fandom, saying, “I don’t want to scare you, but I was an obsessive fan,” and he later confessed fantasies of an X-Files wedding on BBC Radio 1.

Yep, the truth is out there, and apparently Grohl’s not the only one. “The Smashing Pumpkins were big fans, too,” Anderson reveals. “Their lead singer, Billy Corgan, used to come and hang out on set. And [Coldplay’s] Chris Martin is a fan. Whenever they were in town, his manager dragged him to our set.”

Yeeeeeaaaah, rock on Mulder and Scully! Catch Grohl’s The X-Files cameo, below.

Watch: David Grohl’s 1996 ‘X-Files’ Cameo

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