Turns Out Iceland Isn’t Very Happy With Justin Bieber

While Justin Bieber has certainly pissed off plenty of people during his career, this might be the first time he has pissed off an entire country – albeit inadvertently.

Biebs filmed his 2015 music video for “I’ll Show You” in Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon, which is roughly 240km east of Reykjavik. Now, according to CNN Travel, the canyon has been shut off from the public until June due to damage caused by an increasing amount of visitors.

Initially, the canyon was supposed to be closed for two weeks but after closer inspection, the damage to the area required a longer closure.

“That part of the country simply can’t cope with all those stomping feet,” Hannes Sasi Palson, owner of tourism company Pink Iceland, told CNN Travel.

“We have to ask ourselves whether we want to build viewing platforms, charge entry or simply close the area down for a few months a year, giving it time to heal. It’s a debate that any country coming to grips with a massive increase in tourism has to grapple with.”

The Environmental Agency of Iceland reports that visitor numbers to the area have increased from 150,000 to 282,000 in just a year, which they partly attribute to that of Bieber’s video.

For what it’s worth, watch the incriminating video below.

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