Turns Out Kanye West Has Dropped Almost $7 Million USD On His Presidential Campaign

In a truly spectacular waste of money in a time where so many people need it, it has been revealed that Kanye West has dropped almost $7 million USD on his ongoing 2020 presidential campaign.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, West’s campaign finance report was filed with the Federal Election Commission last Friday, and shows that he has donated $6.7 million USD to his campaign throughout July and August.

In addition, the campaign itself has spent $5.86 million, namely on consultants and fees. Usually, a large percentage of income for presidential campaigns comes from donations. For West, however, is campaign as only received eight donations that range from $200 – $1,000.

On top of all that, Arizona consulting company ‘Fortified Consulting’ is owed $1.2 million USD by the campaign. Amazing from someone who very recently said he’s got more money than Trump, but I digress.

In fact, speaking of Trump, West recently denied rumours that he’s being paid to run for president by Trump in an effort to deter votes away from Trump’s primary opponent, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and on to West to ensure a re-election for Trump.

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