Twitter Is Calling For Miley Cyrus To Do Double Duty & Host SNL Too

SNL has announced their guests for Saturday, 8th May. Miley Cyrus will appear on the show as a musical guest while Elon Musk has been slated to host.

As you could probably guess hearing those names side by side, the internet is divided.

SNL announced the news to pretty dire reviews.

“Please just let Miley do double duty,” wrote one user.

“This ain’t it sis we don’t wanna see musk on SNL just let Miley double duty,” wrote another.

Some are more bothered by the choice, calling it reckless…

While others are just pissed Elon took the top spot over Miley.

And of course, other users are just revelling in the strangeness that will be Musk and Cyrus sharing a stage.

Elon Musk announced the news via Twitter. He wrote, “Am hosting SNL on May 8.”

In a follow up tweet he wrote, “Let’s find out just how live Saturday Night Live really is.”

The appearance will mark Miley Cyrus’ sixth time on the show.

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