Two Of Your Favourite Aussie Bands From The Noughties Are Reuniting

Floodgates of noughties nostalgia are about to burst open and potentially drown us all, with two massive local bands from the era officially announcing plans to reunite.

Those bands are… drumroll plz… Perth pop-rockers End Of Fashion and the Katie Noonan’s own George.


Now we know your inner high-schooler is probably going schitzo, but for the love of god hold yourself together man.

As Brisbane Times reports, Noonan and her old pals Tyrone Noonan, Nick Stewart, Geoff Green, and Paulie Bromley will mark the 20th anniversary of George’s formation with a special one-off performance at the 2016 Brisbane Festival.

“Really, I guess, if we are going to do it then now is the time,” Tyrone told the paper. “It’s 20 years since the band formed, we formed in 1996, and it seems like, well, it’s now or never.”

Meanwhile, End Of Fashion are putting an official end to their hiatus.

As well as activating a shiny new Instagram page, the veteran act have also shared the artwork to their Gold-selling 2005 self-titled debut LP and revealed to fans via the bio description that a tour announcement is “coming soon”.

OK, you have permission to freak out now.

Watch: End Of Fashion – O Yeah

Watch: George – Special Ones

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