Tyler The Creator Owns Justin Bieber’s Hooning Rap, Bieber Says “The Baby Ain’t Mine Either!”

Justin Bieber is now so used to damage control that he can dispute issues in less than 140 characters – no matter how dire the circumstances. Recently, The Biebs has thanked Tyler, The Creator via Twitter for standing up for him in relation to allegations of hooning, and also addressed a new rumour that he’s knocked up another Belieber.

After NFL star Keyshawn Johnson chased after a speeding Ferrari racing around the streets of the gated Calabasas community, leading him to the Chateau de Biebs, he launched a relentless attack against the pop sensation supported by most of the general public. As it turns out, they had the wrong dude. Tyler, The Creator was the one behind the wheel.

Tyler has fessed up on the microblogging site, saying, “That was me behind the wheel of Justin’s vehicle. Don’t blame him!” then going on to have a dig at society in general for so quickly pointing the finger of blame. For that, Biebs thanked him, tweeting, “All good buddy, I deal with this every day.”

Left with a few characters to spare, Biebs has chosen this as the ideal moment to comment on the life of a currently unborn child, simply claiming “the baby ain’t mine either”.

Presumably this refers to recent allegations from a young girl who claims Bieber left her with child after a moment of carnal adventure at a TGI Friday’s restaurant bathroom. Of course, according to Bieber and his people, nothing happened and he is still the perfect specimen of God’s creation.

(Via MTV)

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