The UK Celebrity Big Brother House Mistook Bowie’s Death For Housemate David Gest, Insanity Ensued

David Bowie’s ex-wife Angie Bowie is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK and when she was told the news about David Bowie’s devastating passing she chose to confide in another housemate who mistook it for the death of housemate David Gest, the ex-husband of Liza Minelli.

Bowie told the news to Tiffany Pollard from VH1 series I Love New York, however, she failed to mention the last name referring to him simply as David. “David’s dead,” she told Pollard as the reality star began to hyperventilate asking her if it was a joke. Eventually Pollard ran out to tell the other housemates causing mass hysteria until they actually went to Gest’s bed to find that he wasn’t dead.

Pollard then set out on a rampage thinking that Bowie had made it up as an elaborate hoax. By the time it actually came out that she was talking about David Bowie, the housemates even doubt that he had died.

The whole thing unravels over six minutes in the video below and is basically just a shit storm of confusion. “Big Brother it’s a mess,” Angie Bowie appropriately tells Big Brother as it’s all unfurling. Even when they’re told straight that it was Bowie and not Gest the housemates still seem to be more intent on raging about the situation than acknowledging that one of music’s greatest heroes had passed.

It’s completely absurd and incredibly frustrating but having endured Celebrity Big Brother here in Australia in 2002, it’s also completely understandable.

Celebrity Big Brother was originally crticised for airing Bowie’s reaction to her ex-husbands death but defended themselves to Buzzfeed saying, “After being told of the tragic news off-camera yesterday by her own representative, Angie made the decision – entirely of her own accord – to remain in the Celebrity Big Brother house and to continue participating in filming.”

Angie and David were married for 10 years, divorcing in 1980. They had one son together, film producer Duncan Jones.

Watch: Tiffany “New York” Pollard thinks David Gest died on Celebrity Big Brother

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