UK Police Spied On ‘Political Campaigners’ At Glastonbury

Here’s something which Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis might be scratching his head over.

According to The Guardian, an activist with anti-Capitalist group Globalise Resistance has obtained documents which show Police officers carried out surveillance on them at the UK’s most famous music festival.

The group set up a stall at the festival in 2009 and were selling what police termed “political publications and merchandise of a XLW anti-capitalist nature”. (XLW is short for extreme left wing)

However, the activist who obtained the records – Guy Taylor – was recorded by Police as gaining approval from festival organisers to run the stall – and that his mobile phone number and home address were also logged.

Could this open a can of worms for other protest groups who have also been running stalls at Glasto over the years?  Read more about the incident here.

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