Ukranian DJ Nastia Wins Her Daughter’s ‘Bring Your Parent To Class’ Day

A class of kids in Ukraine were having a bring-your-parent-to-class style of careers day where parents came in and told the class about their jobs.

One girl won the day hands down when she brought in her mum, a DJ named Nastia – who rocked up with a full set of turntables and proceeded to teach the kids the basics of mixing vinyl.

The kids, who are in ‘third class (so roughly year two or three), were treated to one of coolest classes they’re ever likely to have – and although some started to get into the beat as the class went on, the significance of what they were watching was clearly lost on a few of the seven or eight-year olds.

Nastia posted a video of the class on her Facebook page. “I have explained to the children what is DJing about, who is a DJ, how equipment works and what is the meaning in playing electronic music from vinyls,” she wrote.

“It was cool to introduce them to the aesthetics of wax and give them a try to touch and control my setup. That was so much happy time, emotional and inspiring moments.”

You can catch Nastia play later this year at Tell No Tales festival in Sydney and Melbourne.

Watch: Nastia Teaches Kids How To Mix On Turntables

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