UNFD Has Launched An Invite-Only Rare Vinyl Club

As any decent record collector is concerned, Australia is about the worst place to be looking for rare or repressed records. If your plan is to listen to a record, ordering from overseas is an absolute hazard, and chances are if it’s in store, it’s gone five minutes after being put on the shelf. Well, the mad hatters at UNFD have come up with a solution — the UNFD Vinyl Club.

The club will be an invite-only sitch, with applications now open. The result of this is a quality-controlled audience void of any busy bodies, half-assed collectors or straight-up time/fun vampires. Once approved, you’ll be given access to a plethora of pressings exclusive to club members.

Each month, members will be given access to a new title which will be WILDLY limited, with 100 units being printed of each. Throughout the year, fans can also expect other drops which will be just as (and if not more) exclusive including test pressings.

The club will work on a first in, first served basis, and while it’s unclear yet if membership includes hearty feasts and singalongs, it does come with news that UNFD will be releasing repressed vinyl of formally out of print titles such as Northlane’s Discoveries and Singularity, In Hearts Wake’s Divination, Earthwalker and Skydancer and The Amity Affliction’s Severed Ties.

To bring it all together with a nice human touch, UNFD have unveiled the short documentary On The Record. Featuring members from various outfits such as Hellions, In Hearts Wake, Bodyjar and select UNFD big dawgs.

Applications are now open right here, but be sure to read the rules before you become the Homer Simpson in this situation.

Watch: On The Record: UNFD Vinyl Documentary

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