Universal Music Allege Modular Founder “Wrongfully Retained” Money

After releasing a statement yesterday claiming that the unpaid Tame Impala royalties lawsuit against it is “baseless”, Universal Music Australia has alleged that Modular Recordings founder Steve Pavlovic has retained money from a Modular act.

As The Australian reports, during NSW Supreme Court proceedings against its former business partner Mr Pavlovic, Universal Music Australia said he “wrongfully retained for his own benefit” a sum of money which a Modular act paid to him as a repayment for an advance.

The musician or band who gave Pavlovic the money was not named by Universal, who own half of Modular Recordings — the label who have released Tame Impala’s first two albums, and will release their third, Currents, on 17th July.

Yesterday, news came to light that Modular Recordings and Universal Music Australia are being sued by BMG Rights Management in a US court for over AUD $500K in unpaid Tame Impala royalties.

Universal Music Australia has said the lawsuit is “baseless”, and has suggested that any issues should be taken up with a separate US-based company established by Pavlovic, who is no longer employed by Modular Recordings.

Universal says it’s confident the US BMG case will be dismissed, and have declined to comment on the NSW Supreme Court proceedings.

UPDATE 05/16/15: The plot thickens as it has now been reported that Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker may be owed around $1 million in unpaid royalties. This follows a statement released on behalf of Pavlovic, responding to the accusations.

Photos: Tame Impala @ Big Day Out 2014, Melbourne / Photos: Anwar Rizk

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