Unreleased Kanye West Music Video Clip Surfaces Online

A snippet of a previously unreleased Kanye West music video for RoboCop, a lively cut from his divisive 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak, has found its way online. The 13-second clip was uploaded to Instagram by CG Modeler Shihan Barbee, who says he did not take part in the video’s production.

According to Rolling Stone, the stop-motion video, which features a bizarre rendering of West’s then-girlfriend Amber Rose, was a collaboration between the rapper and famed music video director Hype Williams, who is best known for his colourful videos for 2Pac, TLC, and Missy Elliott.

However, though several outlets have labeled the clip a “leak” and reported that Barbee worked on the video, he says different. After uploading the “super dope” clip and lamenting the fact that West never released it, Barbee posted a screenshot of a Complex article with “False” scrawled over it.

“I did not work on this,” Barbee insisted, later adding in the comments, “Funny thing it’s not a leak and I’m all over the blogs” and “I would NEVER take credit for someone else’s hard work.” It’s currently unclear just how Barbee got ahold of the video, which has only just now surfaced.

West recently revealed that he is close to completing his next full-length album and is currently readying its first single. Speaking to GQ, the rapper said the album would most likely be released in September and he hopes to have one of the new songs out in the next few weeks.

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Watch: RoboCop Music Video Behind the Scenes

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