US Band Viridian Carjacked At Gunpoint, Risk Lives To Fight Off Attacker

We’re sure you all have some crazy stories of debauchery and madness from your weekend, but there’s no way it can compete with the one from Louisiana-based post-hardcore outfit Viridian. While in town for a show in Texas, the band were carjacked at gunpoint and legit fought back in an attempt to save their vehicle and the equipment contained within.

As Time Warner Cable News: San Antonio reports, the band had finished their recent performance in San Antonio and had finished loading up the van by 1:45am on Sunday morning local time. They were approached by an unidentified armed individual, who got in the vehicle and instructed the band members to drive.

The two band members in the car managed to crash the vehicle, which apparently distracted the gunman, before they legit wrestled the gun away from him. No foolin. Here’s the story from the band themselves, as they posted on Facebook:

“Please keep us in your thoughts. Curtis and Derek were robbed at gunpoint after our show in San Antonio. The thief put a gun to their heads and told them to drive. They made off with the vehicle, trailer, and all of our equipment. Derek and Curtis managed to crash the vehicle to distract the gunman and wrestle the gun away. We are currently trying to assess the situation. Thanks to the heroic actions of Derek and Curtis, we will keep you updated.”

According to the band’s Facebook post, Derek sustained a “pretty bad” bite wound to his arm while Curtis escaped with a broken nose. The vehicle was apparently traveling around 50mph when it crashed.

Curtis Elliot, the band’s vocalist, took to socials to reveal what went down from his perspective. In his post, Elliot reveals the gunman was driving, until he made Elliot take the wheel at gunpoint. With the weapon pointed at his head, Elliot began to struggle with the gunman (“I was either gonna die fighting or die wherever he was bringing us”) while Derek “was wailing on him”.

Then they collided with a pole before the airbags were deployed. Despite the band’s superhuman-like response to the life or death situation, the gunman managed to escape, but nothing was taken.

Catch the band’s Facebook posts, below.

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