US News Reporter Warns Of The Dangerous Drug “EDM”

The Boston affiliate of US television network CBS may want to shake things up in their fact-checking department. During a report about a spate of overdoses that occurred at various dance parties in the Boston area — including an Avicii concert — a journo referred to EDM as a street name for ecstasy.

CBS reporter Christina Hager, while discussing the increase in police activity surrounding dance events and efforts to educate cops about dance culture, explained that part of the Boston PD’s education initiative is centred around, “the drug molly, also called MDMA or EDM.” Uh, no, Christina.

According to Magnetic, CBS Boston decided to remove the report without comment, thought it later made its way back online, with a Vine now circulating of the isolated “EDM” gaff. The clip will certainly open your eyes, here we were thinking that the media were out of touch with today’s youth.

Watch: CBS Boston Report on ‘Molly’

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