US Pop Band Rip Off Blur’s ‘Song 2’

First we had Delta accused of ripping off Arcade Fire, now it looks like a US TV-pop group have ripped off Blur’s mosh-pit anthem Song 2. Big Time Rush, a band described by the ever-reliable source Wikipedia as “a band formed by Nickelodeon” (which really should say enough) appear to have tried to cash in on one of the greatest Brit-rock songs of all time, and it seems that they have not even recognised Damon Albarn and the remainder of Blur for using the song.

Obviously you will have to be the judge; however, the songs are practically identical, aside form the cheesy breakdown deployed by the songwriters of the Big Time Rush song and the slight change of key, with the pre-release promotion including the Twitter hash-tag ‘WooHoo’.

In completely unrelated Blur news, the band will be releasing some new material in the coming weeks, in celebration of their Olympic performance, which will take place in Hyde Park with fellow British superstars New Order and The Specials. The future of the band is somewhat ambiguous with different interpretations of the band’s future emerging through different media outlets. Anyway, you be the judge of the two tracks.

Blur – Song 2

Big Time Rush – Windows Down

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