Van Halen Pulls Out Of All Australian 2012 Tour Commitments

Van Halen have once again raised our hopes spectacularly only to crush them in a devastating manner. Yep, that’s right. Once again the rock gods have shelved plans on coming Down Under, according to Triple M.

Announcing plans for an Australian tour earlier in the year, fans were given just enough time to get excited before the band announced that they will be pulling out. This might feel like deja vu for those who remember the Soundwave Revolution fiasco where the band pulled out, causing a vacuum that resulted in the event being canned.

The band cited recording commitments as the reason they pulled out previously, though with the latest release well on its way, it’s not too clear why they did it again. Though nothing was 100% confirmed, frontman David Lee Roth had announced international touring plans that would have included Australia, as we are a major touring market.

So, there will probably be new tour plans announced for the new year, and it might be a case of third time lucky. Now we play the waiting game, yet again, for another tour we might have to wait years and years for.

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